The Power of Book Reviews and Recommendations

The Power of Book Reviews and Recommendations


Those following my blog posts know I created and started my own publishing company in March 2023. It has definitely been an interesting and exciting journey. During the past few months, I have been pursuing my dream on top of my full-time job in the financial industry. This task has not been easy, but it’s satisfying. 

Does it have its rough times? Absolutely!

What I find challenging through this writing and publishing process is getting reviews. You need to get your book or books out there. Have people read them and leave an honest review or feedback.  That can be scary. My thoughts on this were: what if people don't like my review and leave a bad one? After considering it, I decided that not getting reviews can create the opposite. What if people enjoy my book and they don't have the opportunity to tell others?

Book reviews and recommendations have become important for readers worldwide. They serve as a guiding light, helping to navigate the vast ocean of literature ensuring that readers find books that resonate with their tastes and interests. In this blog, we will explore how authors can leverage these reviews and recommendations to reach their audience effectively and make their books a staple in the literary community. I will share what I have done to get those reviews and what has worked for me.

First let's see why book reviews are important.

  • Reviews provide social proof, a powerful tool for influencing potential readers. Positive reviews can boost a book's credibility and persuade undecided readers to give it a chance.
  • Reviews also offer critical feedback, allowing authors to understand their audience better and improve their future works. This two-way communication is invaluable in refining an author’s craft.
  • Reviews can significantly enhance a book's visibility. More reviews can lead to better rankings in search results on online platforms, making it easier for readers to discover your book.

Let’s talk about why people recommend some of the books that they read:

  • Recommending a book is an act of sharing. When we share a book we love, we're not just passing on a title or an author; we're sharing a piece of ourselves. 
  • Our book choices often reflect our identity. When recommending a book, we subtly communicate our interests, values, and aspirations.
  • Books can transport us into different worlds, lives, and perspectives. When we recommend a book, we often try to offer a glimpse into a viewpoint or experience different from our own. This can foster empathy and understanding. 
  • Community building through book clubs, social media, and groups.

Let’s explore some strategies for gathering reviews:

  • Advance Review Copies (ARCs) can be sent to bloggers, influencers, and avid readers before the book's official release. This strategy can generate early buzz and ensure a batch of reviews is ready at launch.
  • Participating in book clubs and reading communities can provide a platform for direct engagement with readers, encouraging them to review and recommend your book.
  • Social media platforms are excellent for reaching out to readers and reviewers. Engaging with your audience, conducting giveaways, and actively participating in literary discussions can encourage readers to review your book.
  • Sign up on some websites, such as, where authors can leave reviews for your book or give you constructive feedback.
  • Of course, there is also the option of Kirkus reviews, which are very costly. 

Leveraging Recommendations is very important!

Personal recommendations remain one of the most effective forms of marketing. Encourage your readers to recommend your book to friends and family. A personal endorsement can be incredibly persuasive. Partner with book influencers and bloggers to reach a broader audience. Their recommendations can significantly impact their followers’ reading choices. Ensure your book is listed on popular discovery platforms like Goodreads, BookBub, and others. Readers seek their next read based on recommendations and reviews on these platforms.

Remember, each review is a stepping stone towards building a lasting relationship with your readers and establishing your presence in the literary world. You can also practice giving reviews!

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