Deciding on a name for my business

Deciding on a name for my business

Oh boy! That was hard.

It could be the hardest thing I had to decide on. When do you know when something is right? Can you pay a few hundred dollars for someone to come up with a bunch of names for your business? I know I couldn’t. My budget was limited. So I used Google. There are a few name-generating tools out there. I will not individually name them as I don’t want to steer people in the wrong direction, but if you type name generator for publishing companies, I guarantee you something will come up. 

So, I Googled it and played around with its generated names. 

Finally, I combined some of them and switched them up, which is how BookFairy Publications came along. The fairy part might sound a bit romantic, but it was like a wish come true by a fairy that I decided to start this company. So I stuck to it. And don’t believe for a minute that it had not crossed my mind to change that name to something else. It did! Especially when I decided to have it focus on two different things. Books and Coaching. I tried to find a medium where these two would meet and use one another well. But what did coaching have to do with books? ‘’That’s a great question, Connie!’’ 

So, I went round and round for a few days after registering the name, creating the company, paying for the hosting, opening up my business accounts, etc. I had already vested much of my time into this. I even thought about registering a DBA and keeping the original registration for the legalities. 

I tossed and turned many nights over this. In the end, I decided to keep the original name I created. Books and Coaching, Coaching and Books, whichever order you want to put them in, have everything to do with one another. Writing, in general, helps with putting together your thoughts. Make a plan of where you want to go and what you want to do. And coaching, which helps other people succeed, must be documented so everyone can access it.

Another thought was: “OK, books and coaching are relatable. What does BookFairy have to do with both of them?’’

Hmmm… that is a great question.

I thought hard enough for this answer. It’s because it’s a wish come true… I heard myself whisper. Ultimately, I decided that everything in life is what we make it to be. I could name my website whatever I wanted. It could have a catchy name and be fancy and expensive, but it might lack personality. My personality. And that is not what my intention was when I conceived this idea.

Soooo… Keeping the name, keeping the site, keeping the concept.

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